Nunc est Sonandum - New 2023 album

Nunc est Sonandum

- new album -

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"Nunc est Sonandum", now it's time to play': in this album we have collected some of our songs not only inspired by the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also folk and popular music. We have chosen more "relaxed" arrangements than our live performances, to offer a complementary listening experience to what we usually do. We are happy with the result and hope you are too

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Original arrangements by Compagnia del Coniglio, recording and mixing Ca'Vena Studio by Roberto Avena (Robilante, CN), graphics by Lucky141.


  1. Intro

    Inpired by: Alte Clamat Epicurus (12th century)

  2. Alte clamat Ignis

    Inpired by: Alte clamat Epicurus (12th century) - Amoroso (15th century) - Da que Déus mamou (13th century)

  3. Ai vist lo Lop

    Inpired by: Ai vist lo lop (traditional Occitan)

  4. Palo di Maggio

    Inpired by: Jan Mijne Man (traditional Dutch) - Tout le long du bois (traditional Breton) - An dro (traditional Breton)

  5. En avant Blonde

    Inpired by: En avant blonde (traditional)

  6. Ave Mater

    Inpired by: A Madre de Jesú-Cristo (13th century) - Entre Av' e Éva (13th century)

  7. Le Curé et le Corsaire

    Inpired by: Le Curé de Camaret (traditional Breton) - Le corsaire le Grand Coureur (traditional Breton)

  8. Santy Anna

    Inpired by: Santy Anna (traditional 19th century), original parts by Luciano Ghione

  9. Troppo perde 'l Tempo

    Inpired by: Troppo perde ‘l tempo (13th century)

  10. La Vachamaska

    Inpired by: La vacha malha (traditional Occitan) - Kalinka (I.P. Larionov)