Why "La Compagnia del Coniglio"?

The project comes from a group of friends, fans of medieval and traditional music. At the Beltane Celtic festival (we were participating as spectators) they started calling us “the guys with the rabbit” because we brought our pet bunny Chouchenn. When we started our musical adventure we had no doubts about the name to choose: the Fellowship of the Rabbit!

In 2012 we took our first steps in medieval festivals and historical re-enactments (even if, individually, we were not new to musical experiences and re-enactments). In 2013 we formed a cultural association to better manage the project and the new members that had joined in the meantime.

The association

Our logo is inspired by a symbol that has very ancient origins: the first findings were discovered in China temples dating back to the VI-VII century. They spread through the Silk Road and reached Western Europe: it is present as an architectural decoration in several churches in France, Germany and in the south of England (where it is known as “Tinners' Rabbits”)

The association “Compagnia del Coniglio Associazione Culturale”, non-political and non-profit organization, proposes as a main purpose to spread musical culture in all its forms and to respond to the social needs present on the local territory by planning initiatives with the goal of creating moments of social animation, shows and entertainment, enhancing the resources and forms of organization already present in the area, with particular attention to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge of ancient and traditional music, as well as the instruments peculiar of these music genres.

Specifically, the association aims to:

  • perform concerts, shows, and artistic, musical, and cultural events
  • favor and organize musical, cultural, recreational events, reviews, competitions, essays, concerts, and any other form of entertainment related to music
  • favor the cultural growth of the members and sensitize the public also through specific musical training initiatives, realized in collaboration with local authorities, non-profit associations, schools, ecclesiastic institutions and other public and private institutions
  • enhance popular and religious traditions
  • carry out any other activity or service that would prove useful for promoting and spread knowledge of musical culture
  • propose itself as a meeting place and for the aggregation of musical and cultural interests fulfilling the social function of maturation, of human and civil growth through the ideal of permanent formation and network work
  • promote cultural exchanges of events and shows with national and international groups; organize and sponsor local, regional and national events
  • promote and implement any other initiative directly or indirectly responding to the purposes of the Association.

Download an excerpt from the articles of association (in Italian) or contact us for more information on the association and how to register.