Compagnia del Coniglio

- medieval celtic folk -

La Compagnia del Coniglio will make you dance to the rhythm of flutes, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, lute and drums. The repertoire includes Italian, Occitan and European medieval and Renaissance tunes; bal folk, "celtic" music and original compositions. The approach is light-hearted and irreverent, in the spirit of wandering minstrels.

The band was born in 2012 and since then it has not stopped spreading its way of re-proposing and interpreting ancient and traditional music in medieval fairs, Celtic festivals, concerts, and private events. Over the years, training and repertoire have changed, but the desire to entertain and have fun, to get involved and play with the public has remained unchanged.

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Nunc est Sonandum

- new album -

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Our repertoire and our clothing vary depending on the context in which we are playing. For medieval markets, Renaissance fairs, and historical re-enactments we have clothing consistent with the iconography of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries (but if necessary we can use early medieval clothing), for Celtic and pirate festivals we have appropriate clothes.

Entertainment music, sounds suitable outdoors and in large environments as medieval fairs or Celtic festivals markets. The instruments used include high-volume bagpipes (such as medieval bagpipes and Galician gaita), bombards, stringed instruments (hurdy-gurdy and / or bouzouki) and percussion. No amplification is required.

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More discreet and suitable for smaller environments such as rooms or castle halls, to accompany dances, or ritual moments in Celtic festivals and private events. The instruments used have a smaller volume (flutes, musette, hurdy-gurdy, frame drums) and the repertoire varies accordingly.

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Ancient and traditional music reinterpreted on stage, according to today’s taste. The instruments include various wind instruments, bagpipes, stringed instruments, drums, and percussion. For this show a stage with amplification is required.

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Music for nativity scenes and Christmas markets.

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