Quod erat demonstrandum - Promo CD

Download for free from Bandcamp or listen on Spotify

CD not intended for sale but distributed for promotional purposes, preview of the CD in progress. It is not possible to buy it but you can listen and download for free on Bandcamp or on Spotify

Original arrangements by Compagnia del Coniglio, recording and mixing in autumn 2017 at Archensiel Studio (Asti).


  1. Alte Clamat Ignis

    Inspired by: Alte Clamat Epicurus (Carmina Burana, anonymous 13th century) / Amoroso (Domenico da Piacenza, 15th century) / Da Que Déus Mamou (Cantigas de Santa Maria, anonymous 13th century)

  2. Ave Mater

    Inspired by: A Madre de Jesú-Christo (Cantigas de Santa Maria, anonymous 13th century) / Entre Av' e Éva (Cantigas de Santa Maria, anonymous 13th century)

  3. Ai Vist Lo Lop

    Inspired by: Ai Vist Lo Lop (traditional Occitan)

  4. Troppo Perde 'L Tempo

    Inspired by: Troppo Perde 'L Tempo (Laudario di Cortona, anonymous 13th century)

  5. Le Curé Et Le Corsaire

    Inspired by: Le Curé de Camaret (traditional Brittany) / Le Corsaire Le Grand Coureur (traditional Brittany)